Believe Big Mugs

Paint A Gift For A Local Cancer Patient

Playful Potter has partnered with Believe Big

(in collaboration with John Hopkins Hospital) to be a place to make

special gift mugs for cancer patients.

Believe Big is bridging the gap between conventional and complementary medicine for fighting cancer and provides patients with hope, help, and healing. 


At Playful Potter, we are encouraging our community to paint and donate mugs, all year round to our local cancer patients.


Paint a Believe Mug with your friends and family. All you have to do is ask to paint a Believe Mug, paint it with the design of your choice and if you are spiritual, please say a prayer of healing, or offer healing vibes for the person who will receive it. The final touch is to write the word “BELIEVE” somewhere on the mug; no other words please.


We will package them and Believe Big will deliver to local pediatric and adult cancer patients in our Renown Institute of Cancer at regular times throughout the year.