Tile Painting

Our most popular option!  These tiles can be used in a variety of ways to raise money for your cause.  Participants can keep their creations after firing or we can help you create a tribute tile wall.


Tile Walls:

We will help your members to create wall murals with individual tile designs or one big design that really makes a statement!  Create custom kitchen or bathroom tiles perfect for your facility and allow donors to play a part in an enduring tribute. Tile Walls make fabulous public art projects for your facility.

Playful Potter will sell you the tiles, paint, glazing and firing at a discounted price and you can sell them to donors or painters at a mark up of your choice.


                           Your cost                  Suggested Mark Up              Approx Profit

4” tiles             $4.50 plus tax           $15                                            $10.50

6” tiles             $6.00 plus tax           $20                                            $14.00


For example, we assisted a local Reno church to pay for their kitchen remodel by selling tiles to be installed in new kitchen for $25-$50 per tile.  They made between $15-40 per tile!! 

Tribute Mural at Bud Beasley School

Auction Projects

We will assist you to create one-of-a-kind works of art that sell like hotcakes at auctions! Playful Potter will donate paint, glazing and firing fees, if your organization has a valid tax id number for donation purposes.


Handprint or fingerprint projects can be customized with designs such as animals, garden creatures or even made to look like each child.  We offer options from small salad plates all the way up to custom dinnerware sets.  


Our custom artists will hand paint all the details for you, for only $20 per hour—that’s a $10 discount off our normal custom pricing.  (Restrictions may apply.) 

These pieces are made with fingerprints!!

Give Back Days - up to 20%!

Drum up excitement with your group and then send them our way.  We will customize fun fliers that you can copy and hand out to members, friends and potential donors.  When painters bring in the flier on your selected days, we will donate 15-20% of their sale back to you.  


Select two days and receive 15% of proceeds for your group if you book Friday, Saturday or Sunday and 20% for Monday-Thursday.  


Give back days can be booked January 14th -October 14th.  (Restrictions may apply.) 


Don't see exactly what you are looking for? Call the studio today at 356-5811 and we will be happy to custom design an event or project just for you!  We welcome you to stop by to see our cute samples too!