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Image by Phil Hearing


We carry over 2500 items in our inventory list and have around 500 different styles available at a time.  By far the largest selection in Northern Nevada!  


Our stock rotates constantly and we are always bringing in new pieces to inspire your creativity.  


We provide all the materials you'll need including paints, brushes, stamps, stencils, glazing, design glass, cutting tools and lots of ideas too.


Once you have created your masterpiece, leave with us for firing in our kiln. 

* No Appointment Needed*


Daily studio fees 

for pottery painting and fused glass


$5 for kids 12 & under

$8 for ages 13 to adult

Choose your piece from our huge selection.


We have more than 500 types of pottery in the studio everyday. Our stock rotates constantly to give you the best selection of seasonal and contemporary bisque available in Northern Nevada.


Pieces range from $4 to $80 plus your studio fee.


Use our design center to create a masterpiece. We have stamps, stencils, silk screens, sponges and more for you to use.


Choose from 60 colors of paint to create your design.

Studio fees are good for the day with no time or piece limit.  They are good for pottery, glass or both.  No appointment necessary to paint pottery or fuse glass. If a class is running, priority of space is given to the organized event. Drop in to play today!


Playful Potter is proud to carry only non-toxic art products. 

We will walk you through the process step-by-step!


Leave with us for firing in our kiln. Our pottery pieces are dinnerware safe and totally functional.


Drop-in Canvas Painting

Do you love art, but prefer your painting without time pressure and not painting the same as another 20 artists in the studio?


Maybe you want to share creative time with a friend, or your creative teen without being part of a group.


Our drop-in canvas can offer the same great art designs, but in a more mellow setting. Detailed self directed instructions will show you how to make a masterpiece in your own time frame! 


Suitable for artists aged 13 - 103! 


Drop-ins run on weekdays, last seating 2 1/2 hours before closing. 

Canvas Painting

Hand & Footprint Art & Clay Impressions





We offer custom hand and footprint art!  We will be happy to help you put prints on a huge variety of pieces and then you can choose to paint the rest of the design yourself or we will be happy to do it for you!


No appointment necessary for Hands, Fingers, Feet & Toes!


Our staff will help you to put prints on bisque pieces (plates, mugs, bowls, platters, vases and much more!) Once we have the prints, you can decide from our many borders, designs, writing styles and colors.  Our professional artists take it from there!  We'll add all the decorating, writing and details for you!


We have over 150 designs and styles to choose from but because you can mix and match, the possibilities are endless!!  These pieces are foodsafe and make great gifts.

Basic $15 + your piece

Classic $25 + your piece

Extreme $40 + your piece


Reservation Required

Create a traditional keepsake with Wet Clay Impressions!

Press your child's prints into wet clay to create a lasting memory of tiny hands and feet.  Prices from $20-$70


Wet Clay Impressions require two firings and will be ready 3-4 weeks after your appointment. These pieces are for decorative use only.


Reservations are required and are available

Appointments can be booked with a required, non-refundable materials deposit.

Hand/ Foot Art

Give Us A Call!

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